How to Change Android Device ID in Just Under a Minute

Android is powering most of the smartphones in the world and some big players like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony and LG are preferring Android as their mobile OS. This describes how powerful the Android is. Now you can find people with Android device every corner of the world. There are some reasons why Android is popular. Affordability is the main reason but other than that there is one more feature which makes Android better than every other smartphone OS, and that is its ability to customize everything.  If you are average users then it has some amazing customization options, but if you are a developer or techy people then you will be blown away by seeing what an Android device can do.

Today we are going to discuss one that kind of option and that is changing device ID. Every smartphone has a unique ID which differentiates that particular device from another. Most of the app now uses device IS to identify a device, and that makes sense. But just imagine if there is any another way you could change your device ID so that the apps wouldn’t know that this is the device that used last time to use their app. This feature might sound lame for average users, but if you are a hardcore techy, then you know what I am talking about. So, yes, I am going to show you how you can change Android device ID in just under minute.


Things require to perform the below-mentioned steps:

Before we jump into the process, here are few things that you need to have before changing device ID.

Rooted Android- This is the most important part of this method. Make sure you have an Android device which has root access. If you haven’t already rooted your device, then I would suggest you root your device first. For rooting guide, I highly recommend you check XDA forum. They have some high-quality root guide for almost every device, and the community of this forum is so helpful.

Allow Third Party Apps Install- By default the device disables this option. So just go to security setting and turn on “Unknown Source” to give permission to install third party apps.

How to Change Android Device ID in Just Under a Minute

To change Android ID, we are going to use an app called Titanium Backup. So download this app from Play Store and install on your Android.

Now open the app and press the menu button of your phone.

Scroll down and select “Manage Android ID.”

Tap the first option i.e. “Create New (random) Android ID.” Check the screenshot attached below.


Now restart your phone and to your surprise, you will see you’re a new Android device ID is there instead of your own.

That’s it in this article about how you could change Android device ID for free in just under a minute. This process is simple, easy and doesn’t take much time.

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How to Use WhatsApp on Computer Without BlueStacks

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging platform available for modern phone users. With the help of WhatsApp you can message anyone may be any part of the world for free. These messages are free and always will be. Now WhatsApp is also adding some cool new features to the server like the voice call and video call which makes users go crazy to use their service. WhatsApp is also adding security measure to your messages so that no one sees what you chat with your loved one.

WhatsApp is the new trend, and almost everyone knows about it. If you are living in stone ages, then it might be possible that you don’t know about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is great, but it also has some downside. One of the most disturbing facts is that WhatsApp is only available for phone users but not for the computer. I get it we spend most of our time with our phone, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work either. We also spend our time on our computer doing our daily task. Imagine if you are doing your project on your computer, and you have to look your phone every time someone WhatsApp’s you. That is irritating, right?

Previously there was a solution where you had to download some Android client like the BlueStack on your computer, but that wasn’t a good deal. Now WhatsApp has officially come to your rescue. Now they have an official way to connect and chat on WhatsApp on your computer browser. The process is a bit tricky, and you might end up doing it wrong. Don’t worry; I will show you a simple guide on how to run WhatsApp on computer browser.


How to Run WhatsApp on Computer Browser- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera

Using WhatsApp on a browser is tricky, but it is easy. Once you know the right way you can use that process next time without thinking twice.

First, if you are using an older version of WhatsApp on your phone, then please update it to the latest version.

Now open your computer browser and go to

Once you are on that page, you will see a QR code.


Now open WhatsApp app on your phone and tap on the three dot on the top right corner of your phone and select “WhatsApp Web.”

Now scan the QR code that appears on your computer browser and Voila! You are now connected WhatsApp via your computer.


Here you can do everything that you do on your WhatsApp app.

Remember- Please bear in mind that your phone needs to connect to the internet in order to chat via WhatsApp web. Also if you are using this trick on any public computer then don’t forget to log off before leaving the computer.

That’s it in this article. I hope you liked it. If you did then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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