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Top 3 Ways to Spend a Perfect Sunday

You wake up on a Sunday morning, and you realize you have nothing special to do neither you have money to spend to go out. This Sunday is going to a boring or maybe not if you follow all the 3 ways that you can spend a Sunday. Sunday is a day when most of us are free doing nothing just chilling on the couch and watching some wired news show. Then soon you realize this is not going to work you have to do something to make this Sunday an exciting one.

You can’t invite your friends because they all are busy in some way and you also don’t have any girlfriend to go out with. Follow all the 3 steps that I am going to list down below, and I am sure you will end up having a great Sunday.


1. Wake Up late and prepare your own food

On a general day, you wake up in the morning go for a run and then prepare yourself to leave the office or work. But on Sunday just put all those things aside and do the opposite of what you do. Wake up late may be 10:00 AM or max 11:00. Don’t wake up too late as it is not good to wake up late. Go take a long and hot shower. Relax yourself.


In general day our breakfast and lunch are simple as we have to rush to the work at the time, but on Sunday you have no such issue. Instead of going for general food prepare some exotic food that you wanted to try. Never order food from outside as you are not going to enjoy your day. Prepare food that takes a long time and gives your best to make it perfect. It is just not about breakfast follow this to make every food for breakfast, brunch, Lunch and dinner. Invite some friends to try your innovation if possible and enjoy every moment.

2. Get Out of your Home and Go for a Casual Walk around the City

Staying home all day is not a good idea. Get out of your home even though you don’t have enough money. You don’t need to have 100s of dollars to take a walk. Just some few dollar will do the work. Chose walking whenever possible as you don’t want just to spend your day like others.


If you have money, then go for shopping. Buy some new clothes, gadgets or may be some home equipment. If you are low on budget or maybe this time is month ending time, and you don’t spend much then do street shopping. Street shopping is fun, and you get a good product at dirt low price. And yes don’t forget to try some street food. It doesn’t matter if you are in what country street food always tastes good and you don’t spend much.

3. Watch Movie or a TV Shows


Now you are back from your evening walk, and you are along again in your apartment. This is the time for a good movie. You can go to your nearest theater and watch any latest movie that you were willing to watch If you are not done with going to the theater then you can watch any good movie on your computer at your home. If you want to watch free movies, then click here to check this article where the author has shared some good free movie sources. Or if you have Netflix subscription then go and watch some good TV shows.

Take a hot shower and go to your bed.

You don’t need to have money or friends to spend a Sunday. You just have to have some good things to do. These are the three things that I follow every Sunday and believe me this is the best way you can spend a Sunday.

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Published: November 20, 2016 | Comments: 0