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How to Unlock Mac using Apple Watch

Apple always has been the incubator of some trendy technologies. Even some of those, we could hardly think before testing. In Apple product ecosystem one thing is very common and well planned- all the devices work well together and sync same thing together. It provides you the power to control one device from another. Using this technique you can unlock Mac using Apple watch! Don’t you believe it? We also did not when it hit our eardrum for the first time. Using the simple looking wearable device you can unlock a Mac and that also without any lengthy password.

Though it’s hard to digest, it’s the reality. We have found it and tested it. It really works well.  We are going to provide end to end details of all the steps included here.


We are going to list down the steps which are found standard and don’t violate any kind of security point of Mac and the Apple watch. So you can rely on the process fully as there is no breaching trick.

Unlock the Mac using Apple Watch- Step by step guide for first time

The first step is to ensure the two factor authentication system. How to do this?

Follow the steps blindly mentioned here-

Enable two factor authentications: Start your Mac and open “system preferences” option there and click on the iCloud and then go to the “Account Details”. There you will see the option for enabling the two factor authentication. Enable the option and start the process.

Get a password for your Apple watch: Ensure another point that you set a password for your Apple watch. To enable this, go to the “Watch icon” and then you need to go to the “My Watch”. Set a password there and turn the “Pass code on” feature. Soon after you set it, it will ask for four digit pass code to access it. We advise you to use a different pass code from your iPhone.

Disable automatic login: Now the last comes, you need to open the “system preferences” again and get into the “security and privacy” option. Once you get into this, uncheck the option of “disable automatic login”.

# if the option is not showing in your Mac or if it’s grayed out, you may have to check the options by clicking on the blue padlock option and set the needful choices.

Provide necessary permission: Then there will be option for allowing Apple watch to unlock our Mac. Check on the option and soon after clicking on that, a message will appear asking for enter the pass code of your Apple watch. Type the pass code you have set for your Apple watch and you are done!

No one believes this until and unless it’s checked out. Try the tricks and be smarter than your buddies. Start unlocking your Mac using the Apple watch easily. It does not need any rocket science. Just complete the above mentioned steps with patience.

Published: November 5, 2016 | Comments: 0