Easiest Way to Disable Auto-Update on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest computer OS from Microsoft. There is more computer running on Windows than any other computer OS. This is a huge factor, and the main reason behind this is the affordability and the ability to play around with the Windows 10. Every OS requires updates to keep yourself and your computer free from attack and other stuff. This is an essential part of computer OS, but most of us hate Windows update.

The main reason behind this is the limited data we have. If we have an unlimited connection, then we should let Microsoft install update on our computer. Another big problem of Windows 10 is it gets restart any time to install updates. It doesn’t care if you are doing any important work anything else it just reboots the PC without even asking you. You might tend to lose your important task in between.


I would never suggest anyone to completely disable Windows update as your computer might land in risk. Instead, you can just select other settings like “Download Update and let me choose whether to Install,” “Check for Update but let me choose whether to install updates.” But if you seriously want to disable updates then you have to think twice.

There might be many reasons why you want to disable your Windows Update, and I am no one to stop you. Here is the guide where I will show you how you can disable Windows 10 update easily.

How to Disable Windows 10 Update Easily

Windows 8.1 or lower windows version there is an option to disable Windows 10 in setting, but on Windows 10 there are no options. This makes it difficult for others to disable w9ndows 10 updates. We have thousands of article online which shows different ways but honestly those are difficult methods only suits tech geeks. I will show you the best way to disable Windows 10 update in just under 1 minute or less.

First Go to Control Panel from Start Menu and in top right side change view option from “Category” to “Large Icon.”

Now click the very first option i.e. “Administrative Tools.”

Then, open “Services” by double clicking the service option.

Scroll down until you find Windows Update. Now double click on “Windows Update.”

In the Start Type drop down menu select “Disable” and apply the settings.


Now your Windows 10 computer won’t ever check and download windows update.

As I said, it is not good to disable Windows 10 update. If ever change your mind and want to enable updates again then follow the same things again and this time change it from Disable to Automatic.

That’s it in this article. This was the quick guide to disable Windows 10 update.

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